During the opening of the Multimax Store El Vigía, the second edition of the dynamic
”Join your hand to Condesa”
in which 10 participants had to stand next to a Condesa product. Condesa (Kitchen) product without removing their hand until the end of the activity.

On this occasion, the feminine energy was felt because only women dared to participate.

The dynamic began at 12 noon and ended at 5 p.m., at which time the winner was announced and took home the prize.

As the hours progressed, different challenges were given to the participants to test their ability to resist without removing their hand from the kitchen.

Luisana Pérez, one of the eliminated players commented that when she heard about the dynamics, she researched everything about the brand. I didn’t win, but I will definitely come and buy my kitchen.

However, those competitors who did not pass the test did not go home empty-handed; to thank them for their participation, the brand gave them some very useful gifts.

The competition went on eliminating the participants one by one until only the winner of the activity remained.
Join hands with Condesa,
Anali Capella, who demonstrated her endurance and commitment during the 5-hour competition and now has a
Rio Kitchen
in her home.

”I am super grateful to Condesa for allowing me to participate, now I am taking home a beautiful kitchen that I needed for my family and I will cook our favorite meals”.

Manzur Dagga
president of Condesa
communicated that these dynamics are a way to feel closer to the public and to repay their loyalty to the brand throughout all these years.

The activity was carried out in parallel to the opening of the commercial ally
Multimax Store
in El Vigía, where people waited from early in the morning for the doors to open in order to buy Condesa products, such as gas stoves, stoves, microwaves and refrigerators, among many others.

Condesa Trading will continue to expand throughout Venezuela to offer quality home appliances to all homes and businesses in the country.

To learn more about the brand’s products you can visit the following website
or write to their
customer service number.