Manzur Ramadan Dagga

Manzur Ramadan Dagga Entrepreneur

Manzur Dagga was interested in the world of white goods from a very early age, which was a real business.

Everyone needs a refrigerator, a kitchen, and from there he started the venture which he knew how to take advantage of in a world of difficult competition. But it was based precisely on quality, because that is where the true essence of business lies.

Manzur Dagga: work is the basis for every entrepreneur

Being a businessman today is not easy, having a name made and respected in the country is something that is achieved with hard work.

In 2014 in Panama he founded a company called Latam Tecnology that would be responsible for the marketing and distribution of the Boss Audio System brand, being an irrefutable international success.

With the passage of time

the entrepreneur Manzur Ramadan Dagga

Manzur Ramadan Dagga has been able to demonstrate how with effort and dedication we can achieve progress in the goals we set ourselves, showing that we can offer the best prices by adjusting the cost structure of their products.

Already for 2018, it takes the opportunity to relaunch a brand that had gained followers a few years ago, such as Condesa de Venezuela, only now it would have the endorsement of quality and customer service. Condesa had come out in the eighties but then had a period of inactivity.

Latest News

Find the product you need, Visit the Zona Condesa in Guatire.

Find the product you need, Visit the Zona Condesa in Guatire.

Condesa, the favorite brand of Venezuelans, is present in the main cities of Venezuela, giving its followers the opportunity to be closer to the brand. Guatire already has a range of appliances from the brand, including stoves, refrigerators, washing machines,...

Family from El Vigia was awarded with a Condesa Kitchen

Family from El Vigia was awarded with a Condesa Kitchen

During the opening of the Multimax Store El Vigía, the second edition of the dynamic ''Join your hand to Condesa'' in which 10 participants had to stand next to a Condesa product. Condesa (Kitchen) product without removing their hand until the end of the activity. On...

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Business growth

Manzur Dagga has lived through all the economic transformations that the country has undergone and best of all, he continues to believe in Venezuela, its people and its best endorsement, which is his own ideas.

Manzur Ramadan Dagga

Donations from Manzur Dagga

Manzur Dagga has made different donations in susceptible areas of the state Carabobo He has directed his support mainly to schools and hospitals in the area helping with the contribution of food, structural renovation, medical supplies, among others.