Condesa brings to the Venezuelan market the ideal equipment for wine lovers to preserve wine properly, it is also an excellent option for entrepreneurs and wineries.

This was announced by Manzur Dagga, president of the brand, who said that the Condesa wine cooler is the perfect equipment for storing bottles at the right temperature, humidity, lighting and ventilation.

“We are pleased to present a piece of equipment that is in exclusive demand in the market, as it allows the preservation of a beverage that requires ideal conditions to maintain its original flavor over a long period of time,” said Manzur Ramadan Dagga.

Vinera Condesa: Attractive and Elegant

If you are a true lover of this beverage or simply own a business related to hotels or restaurants, this equipment is ideal for you.

Its features include space for nine bottles, adjustable analog temperature control that preserves the aroma, body, texture and original flavor of the wine.

At the same time, its tempered glass door gives it a touch of elegance that combined with its color makes it attractive and visually striking in any space of your home.

Its removable stainless steel grids allow users to extract a complete line of wines to select the one that most appeals to them.

Manzur Dagga, let it be known that the Vinera Condesa, has a high performance Japanese compressor GMCC brand, which allows ideal cooling regardless of hot ambient temperatures.

“Unlike thermoelectric wine coolers, ours has a higher performance, versatility and durability thanks to our compressor which ensures a longer service life and adequate cooling for extended periods ensuring an ideal freshness,” said the president of Condesa.

What you should know before buying a Vinera

The first thing to consider is the space where it will be located, it is important to take the measurements of the place where the equipment will be placed.

The capacity of the wine coolers is another aspect to consider, the right thing to do is to measure it in bottles, taking into account whether you want to keep the amount of bottles of wine that you consume regularly or a whole collection.

The temperature is a fundamental aspect for the conservation of the wine, this must oscillate between 12º and 16º Celsius, neither higher nor lower.

Another factor that affects the preservation of wine is humidity. A very dry environment could dry out the corks and cause the liquid to leak or vaporize, and if the environment is very humid it can generate the proliferation of microorganisms.

In addition to temperature and humidity, lighting is also important when storing wines; avoid placing the vat near light bulbs or exposing it to sunlight, since radiation can negatively affect the evolution of the beverage.

Do not go in the refrigerator

Wine can only be stored in the refrigerator for a couple of months or up to a year at the most, as there is a risk that it may spoil.

The main reason why the refrigerator is not a suitable place to store wines is the temperature, the ideal temperature range for storing wines is between 7° and 18° C”.

The lack of a sufficiently cold environment, the temperature variations and the low humidity of the refrigerator make up an environment incapable of maintaining the quality of the beverage over time.

Manzur Ramadan Dagga emphasized that Condesa products are of excellent quality, durability and are backed by RAC After Sales Service, which guarantees the customer the security of an effective purchase with the brand.

In conclusion, Dagga indicated that he is pleased to bring this product to the market, since the coming dates are when wine grows in the family cultures of the country, and keeping it preserved is vital for a pleasant sharing with family and friends.

Condesa Trading can be purchased through the Condesa Trading website , customer service number via WhatsApp and on all its social networks by following the account @condesatrading.

Regarding Condesa

Condesa is a brand that has been in the market for more than 30 years accompanying Venezuelans, offering a range of white goods.

The brand currently has 27 Condesa Zones, which are located in all Multimax Stores throughout the country.

Among the appliances offered by the brand, kitchens, refrigerators, washing machines and freezers stand out.

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