Condesa continues to grow to be closer and closer to Venezuelan families; in this case it arrives in Caracas to settle in La Candelaria.

The brand continues to expand to be closer to the Venezuelan family, simplifying the options for acquiring appliances that stand out for their quality.

Manzur Dagga, president of Condesa, indicated that they continue to support the country’s growth by guaranteeing jobs in each Zona Condesa, where brand advisors are located to provide first-class customer service.

“Our sales advisors receive constant training so that they can clarify all the doubts that customers may have when buying a Condesa product,” explained Manzur Dagga Ramadan.

Variety of products

Among the products that could be found in La Candelaria, the brand’s traditional stoves, freezers, refrigerators, executive refrigerators, split air conditioners, tops and electric ovens stand out.

The Venezuelan businessman indicated that “among the variety we offered, the 4-burner stoves were the preferred product, both the black and silver stoves remained in the homes of the people of Caracas”.

Condesa has a kitchen assembly line, which guarantees product quality, in addition to placing RAC channels at the customer’s service,

Promotional prices

The opening promotion prices were maintained for 4 days in the store located in Candelaria Center in the city of Caracas, giving all attendees the opportunity to take their appliances.

“We extended the promotional prices so that everyone who visited us could take the product with them. Without a doubt, customers look for our brand because we offer them safety, quality and excellent service”.

Dagga invited visitors to visit the website, where they can learn about the range of appliance options and purchase the one of their choice.