Condesa, once again integrates into the market one of the most sought after products, for its versatility, comfort and practicality when heating food in a short time.

Such is the case of the
20-liter (0.7 ft.) microwave oven
(0.7 feet) that the brand already has available in the different Condesa Zones of all Multimax Stores in the country.

In this regard,
Manzur Dagga
Manzur Dagga, president of the brand, explained that this equipment fits in with the decoration of any space, such as the kitchen, business or office, thanks to its practical size.

Our microwave oven is a must in every home, because it is extremely helpful, whether it is to prepare a simple recipe or to heat food in a practical and safe way”.

Another of the benefits of this equipment is that it has 6 preset menus with which you can prepare cakes, potatoes, pizzas and vegetables.

It also has 10 power levels, timer and memory function, defrosting by time and weight, which makes the Condesa microwave the best ally in your kitchen.

One of the most important features of the equipment is that it has a child lock, which is activated in just 3 seconds, preventing the panel from functioning or becoming unconfigured.

businessman Manzur Dagga
explained that the microwave oven has ISO 9001 quality management certification, which demonstrates the international standardization of the product with which consumers will feel supported.

“Having this standard is an advantage for our customers; everyone who buys our products knows that the brand stands behind them,” he added.
Manzur Ramadan Dagga

What you should know when buying a microwave

Size and color

Microwave ovens have small dimensions, but you should still check their size when choosing one. 20 Liters (0.7 feet) are usually the most common and the most purchased since they are a standard size that fits well in all kitchens.

The color is another important aspect; Condesa allows you to select the one that best suits the color of the space where it will be placed; black or white.


The internal volume of this appliance is measured in liters and usually ranges from 17 to 40 liters.

For heating food in families of one to four people, a 20-liter microwave oven such as Condesa’s is more than enough.


Another important aspect to consider is the power of the device. The efficiency of heating and cooking will depend on this.

Most microwave ovens typically have a power rating ranging from 700 w to 1200 w.


microwave ovens
are very complete, thanks to the many special functions they can include.

Before buying a model it is important that you look at what it offers. One of the most useful and that cannot be missing in any appliance is the defrosting function, as it helps to save time. It is also recommended that you have the quick start function, which is to add 30 seconds.


For greater convenience in use, it is important to pay attention to the turntable included in the appliance, since its actual capacity depends on this element, as well as its durability.

Microwaveable containers

Cardboard or paper containers: These are microwaveable containers, so they do not burn if heat is applied to them. If they have a drawing, the container should not be used, since the ink may melt and mix with the food.

Plastic containers: The only plastic containers suitable for microwaving are those marked with the numbers 2, 4 and 5, the others should not be heated as they may contaminate the food.

Non-microwaveable containers

Aluminum containers: This material, when receiving microwaves, can end up damaging the oven.

Brown paper: This is the classic paper used to wrap food; due to its composition, it can end up burning in the microwave.

Paper bags and wrappings: They are usually very thin so the chances of burning are high.

Plastic containers of industrial products: Containers of products such as ice cream, butter or other preparations should not be used for heating, as it is a very thin plastic.

The Condesa Microwave; it can be purchased through the website of
Condesa Trading,
customer service number by WhatsApp and on all its social networks by following the account

Regarding Condesa

Condesa is a brand that has been in the market for more than 30 years accompanying Venezuelans, offering a range of white goods.

Currently, the brand has 28 Condesa Zones, which are located in all Multimax stores.
Multimax Store
stores in the country.

Among the appliances offered by the brand, kitchens, refrigerators, washing machines and freezers stand out.