Semi-automatic 8kg washing machines were the most sought-after Condesa product during the inauguration of the
Condesa Zone
number 24, in the CC Ciudad Traki Sector Conejero, Porlamar-Nueva Esparta, Porlamar.

Margarita attended the opening of the second Multimax Store in the state to purchase Condesa appliances, a brand that has accompanied Venezuelans for more than 30 years.

Manzur Dagga, president of the brand, said he was satisfied that in only 2 weeks after introducing the new 8kg semi-automatic washing machine model to the market, the brand’s followers have purchased it in all the Condesa Zones.

“We work every day to offer quality products which we bring to the market with the firm conviction of what every Venezuelan needs at home and we ratified it in this opening, where Porlamar preferred our 8kg semi-automatic washing machine,” said Manzur Dagga Ramadan.

The businessman explained that the new washing machines, assembled in the country, have a black cover and a white body with an anti-corrosion system that makes them much more resistant.

Dagga indicated that, in the Zona Condesa of Porlamar, products such as traditional and executive refrigerators, ice makers, air conditioners, water dispensers, electric buffers, vacuum cleaners, freezers, stoves and ovens were exhibited.

“Our special prices were maintained for 4 days, so that all Margaritans took advantage of taking their products, as always our advisors were attentive requirements and clarify doubts,” said Manzur Dagga Ramadan.