The appliance brand with the longest commercial trajectory in the country, brings to the market a product that will undoubtedly be the perfect complement for housewives and entrepreneurs in the culinary area, our Condesa Electric Oven.

Manzur Dagga, president of Condesa, explained that the brand has been characterized for having excellent quality products, among which the 220 volt electric ovens have been outstanding; however, the same appliance, but 110 volts, was in great demand in the Condesa Zones.

“We always take into account the needs of our customers so that we meet their expectations, placing in the market the ideal product, which in this case is the 110V electric oven that is also very elegant and practical at the time of embedding,” said Dagga Ramadan.

Condesa’s 110V electric oven has a mechanical control panel, which is very easy to use, a temperature sensor that, when activated, activates a light inside the equipment, allowing you to program the cooking time of the food while monitoring its progress. Condesa Electric Oven

Likewise, the 110 volt Condesa oven has a bottom heating function ideal for heating foods such as pizza, since the heat rises from the bottom of the oven and heats, as well as a top heating function that will cook the top side of the food that is placed in the oven. This function is ideal for frying the top side of cooked food and for heating.

“As accessories, it comes with a galvanized steel grid, which supports a weight of up to 24 kilos, as well as an enameled trowel tray, both of which can be placed on any of the 8 levels available inside,” added the Venezuelan entrepreneur.

Another of the equipment’s outstanding features is its easy cleaning system, making this oven the best ally in the kitchen.

The president of Condesa, invited users to follow the brand on the Instagram platform as @condesatrading to learn about the promotions, special activities and unique surprises they offer.